Marton Trencseni - Sat 30 March 2024 - Academia

Below is a list of papers where I was a collaborator or primary author. The Authorship column indicates how much of the article text I wrote myself: primary indicates I wrote all of it; some (or none) indicates that although I collaborated on the project, I wrote only some (or none) of the resulting article text (but my collaborators were gracious enough to put me on the paper as an author). As you can see, primary authorship corresponds with no formal publication — this is because I left academia and am not interested in publication in peer reviewed journals. As long as people can find it on Arxiv, that's good enough for me. In fact, I have shifted most of my explorations and writing to this blog, published in smaller, less formal chunks.

The citation numbers are from my Google Scholar page, some of them are self-citations, not all are from published papers — the numbers are directional, not to be taken seriously. It's interesting that some of the papers I wrote while I workinh on my own startup (the Keyspace, ScalienDB and PaxosLease papers) have received proper academic citations from peer-reveiwed journals.

Year Title Authorship Published Citations
1 2007 Multidimensional indexing tools for the virtual observatory (pdf) none AN 90
2 2008 Spatial Indexing and Visualization of Large Multi-Dimensional Databases (pdf) some ADASS 2
3 2008 The Exciting Physics of an Excited Universe (student paper) (pdf) primary
4 2012 Spatial Indexing of Large Multidimensional Databases (pdf, arxiv) some CIDR 12
5 2012 Plane-Sweep Incremental Algorithm: Computing Delaunay Tessellations of Large Datasets (pdf, arxiv) primary (Arxiv)
6 2012 Pure Lattice Gauge Theory in the Expanding Universe (pdf, arxiv, source) primary (Arxiv) 2
7 2012 Keyspace: A Consistently Replicated, Highly-Available Key-Value Store (pdf, arxiv, source) primary (Arxiv) 8
8 2012 PaxosLease: Diskless Paxos for Leases (pdf, arxiv, source) primary (Arxiv) 6
9 2013 ScalienDB: Designing and Implementing a Distributed Database using Paxos (pdf, arxiv, source) primary (Arxiv)
10 2013 Photo-Met: a non-parametric method for estimating stellar metallicity from photometric observations (pdf, arxiv) none AN 6
11 2023 Monte Carlo Experiments of Network Effects in Randomized Controlled Trials (pdf, arxiv, source) primary (Arxiv)