Small team planning

Marton Trencseni - Fri 10 January 2020 • Tagged with planning, teams, goaling

I’ve worked at 5-10 different organizations, most of them were startups or startuppy companies. I’ve done a lot of planning in small teams, and also taken part in company-wide leadership planning. Here I will describe what has worked well for me in small team settings, focusing on time estimation.

Reaching the peak

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Personal goaling

Marton Trencseni - Sun 22 December 2019 • Tagged with self help, goaling

The meta-goal of goaling is to stretch yourself to achieve more, and to feel good about what you’ve achieved. Whatever happened this year, it’s always possible to achieve a lot more and feel better about yourself next year. To hijack a Feynman quote, there is plenty of room at the top.

2019 running

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What not to spend time on

Marton Trencseni - Mon 23 July 2018 • Tagged with warren, buffett, self, help, physics, haskell

Warren Buffett says deciding what not to spend time on is just as important as deciding what to spend time on.

Warren Buffett

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