Calibration curves for delivery prediction with Scikit-Learn

Marton Trencseni - Thu 21 November 2019 • Tagged with machine, learning, fetchr, skl, calibration

I show calibration curves for four different binary classification Scikit-Learn models we built for delivery prediction at Fetchr, trained using real-world data: LogisticRegression, DecisionTree, RandomForest and GradientBoosting.

Logistic regression calibration curve

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Machine Learning at Fetchr

Marton Trencseni - Tue 29 October 2019 • Tagged with machine, learning, fetchr, skl

Opportunities for automating, optimizing and enabling processes with ML at a delivery company such as Fetchr are plentiful. We put three families of ML models into production. These 3 areas are: Scheduling, Notifications and Operational choice.

Operational choice

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