Building the Fetchr Data Science Infra on AWS with Presto and Airflow

Posted on Wed 14 March 2018 in Data • Tagged with data, etl, workflow, airflow, fetchr

We used Hive/Presto on AWS together with Airflow to rapidly build out the Data Science Infrastructure at Fetchr in less than 6 months.

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Luigi vs Airflow vs Pinball

Posted on Sat 06 February 2016 in Data • Tagged with data, etl, workflow, luigi, airflow, pinball

A spreadsheet comparing the three opensource workflow tools for ETL.

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Airflow review

Posted on Wed 06 January 2016 in Data • Tagged with data, etl, workflow, airflow

Airflow is a workflow scheduler written by Airbnb. It supports defining tasks and dependencies as Python code, executing and scheduling them, and distributing tasks across worker nodes. It supports calendar scheduling (hourly/daily jobs, also visualized on the web dashboard), so it can be used as a starting point for traditional ETL. It has a nice web dashboard for seeing current and past task state, querying the history and making changes to metadata such as connection strings.

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