How to achieve high performance, and, ratings

Marton Trencseni - Sun 21 January 2024 • Tagged with okr, goaling, performance, people, management

I wrote this document for my team members — Data Scientists and Data Engineers — to help them do a better on their annual performance reviews.


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Small team planning

Marton Trencseni - Fri 10 January 2020 • Tagged with planning, teams, goaling

I’ve worked at 5-10 different organizations, most of them were startups or startuppy companies. I’ve done a lot of planning in small teams, and also taken part in company-wide leadership planning. Here I will describe what has worked well for me in small team settings, focusing on time estimation.

Reaching the peak

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Personal goaling

Marton Trencseni - Sun 22 December 2019 • Tagged with self help, goaling

The meta-goal of goaling is to stretch yourself to achieve more, and to feel good about what you’ve achieved. Whatever happened this year, it’s always possible to achieve a lot more and feel better about yourself next year. To hijack a Feynman quote, there is plenty of room at the top.

2019 running

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