Culture Docs: Facebook, Netflix and Valve

Marton Trencseni - Sat 18 June 2022 • Tagged with culture, facebook, netflix, valve

Many companies have some sort of "Culture Doc", a booklet or similar, which explains to new joiners what the company is about. I received Facebook's "Little Red Booklet" when I joined in 2016 February, and I was amazed how good it was. Recently I was researching other companies' Culture Docs, and found a version of Netflix's and Valve's online. It's interesting to compare and contrast what these different companies choose to put in their Culture Doc. Facebook's Culture Doc is very mission and execution oriented and serious, Netflix is analytical and HR-focused, and Valve's is a lighthearted explanation of how the company works.

Move fast and break things

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WeToddle retrospective

Marton Trencseni - Fri 29 October 2021 • Tagged with startups, cocoon, facebook

The idea behind WeToddle came from the Baby Fanclub group we have on Messenger, which has most of our family in it. It turns out some ex-Facebook people had a similar idea in 2019, raised $3M, spent a 2 years on it, and then gave up because it didn’t go anywhere (presumably).

WeToddle Android

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