Ask HN: Data Scientists, what libraries do you use for timeseries forecasting?

Marton Trencseni - Wed 30 November 2022 • Tagged with timeseries, prophet, darts, python

One of the most common Data Science tasks in a business setting is timeseries forecasting. I was curious what methods and libraries other Data Scientists use, so I posted an "Ask HN" on Hacker News. The post generated 89 comments, most of them high-quality. This is my summary of the discussion.


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Comparing NeuralProphet and Prophet for timeseries forecasting

Marton Trencseni - Tue 20 July 2021 • Tagged with modeling, timeseries, prophet, neuralprophet

I compare Prophet and NeuralProphet performance using a toy forecasting benchmark.


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Timeseries forecasting with Prophet

Marton Trencseni - Sun 18 July 2021 • Tagged with modeling, timeseries, prophet

Prophet is a simple to use timeseries forecasting library by Facebook.


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