Predicting party affiliation of US politicians using fasttext

Marton Trencseni - Sun 20 June 2021 • Tagged with statistics, trump, politics, fasttext, twitter

I train a fasttext classifier on 1.2M data points to predict US politicians' party affiliations from their twitter messages.

Trump Schiff

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Making statistics lie for the 2020 Presidential election

Marton Trencseni - Thu 17 December 2020 • Tagged with ab-testing, trump, politics

After the 2020 US presidential election, the Trump campaign filed over 50 lawsuits and attacked the integrity of the elections by claiming there was voter fraud. One of the last lawsuits was filed in the Supreme Court of the United States by the state of Texas. Here I look at the statistical claims made in this lawsuit that were supposed to show irregularities in the Georgia vote.

Trump vs Biden

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