The physical Sackur-Tetrode entropy of an ideal gas

Marton Trencseni - Mon 29 November 2021 • Tagged with entropy, physics

I derive the Sackur-Tetrode equation for entropy of a monatomic ideal gas.

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Entropy of an ideal gas with coarse-graining

Marton Trencseni - Fri 19 November 2021 • Tagged with entropy, physics

I show the first steps of how to arrive at a definition of entropy for a monatomic ideal gas modeled as hard billiard balls.

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Einstein's amazing theory

Marton Trencseni - Tue 16 February 2016 • Tagged with physics, einstein, relativity

This post is about the amazing success of Einstein's general theory of relativity. The theory predicts, among other things the accelerating Universe, black holes, gravitational lensing and gravitational waves. The real shocker is to remember that Einstein didn't invent general relativity to explain these. He didn’t know about these, they didn't exist at that time!

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